by Eugenia Torricelli, Class of 2021

High school is one of those things in life that, as soon as you actually start to appreciate the reassuring routine of study and extracurricular activities… you find yourself with the diploma in your hands. When you suddenly realize that it is time to move to a new unknown and ground – because it always happens from one day to another – you get kind of upset and stressed.

What are you going to do now? You start to wonder about your next step, exploring all the possibilities you have. Time passes, and you find yourself waiting for a sign, whatever it is, that makes you think, “Yes, that’s what I want to do”. Well, that usually does not work this way, trust me.

Bachelor in Management (BSc) after diploma
Challenge yourself at ESCP Business School

My name is Eugenia Torricelli, an Alumna of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) and an ESCP Student Ambassador during my studies. Relying on my experience, I aim to introduce to you the only two realistic scenarios that can occur when you decide to continue your studies after the diploma.

You earned a diploma. What’s next?

Scenario 1: You always wanted to work in the fashion industry, architectural field, agricultural, or – fill the blank with your passion – sector. Your desires and ambitions were crystal clear. Therefore, you select the best University in your country and study like crazy hoping to be accepted. If it doesn’t happen, you try with the second-best, and so on. Until you make your way among the university desks.

Scenario 2: You have more than one idea and many projects filling your head. You also have enough self-confidence not to take a definitive step but to give yourself another chance and see what the world has to offer before limiting all your possibilities.

I certainly belonged to this second group.

The companions I met during my studies at ESCP Business School were mainly appertaining to this second category. Many of them already had clear ideas about their future and ambitions. Some were involved in a family business, while others had a personal vision they were really dedicated to and wanted to bring to reality.

Bachelor in Management BSc) Berlin Campus
Working on group assignments at ESCP Berlin Campus

But there was something very specific that differentiated us from the first group. We chose not to stick to our own comfortable situations but to spend 3 years around the world, exploring it as much as possible, and seeing what else is waiting for us.

Explore the world. And be ready to grow

Would it change our direction in life? Or would it merely strengthen our convictions about what to do next? There is no single answer to that, but in any case, within ESCP, you can take the unique opportunity to see what the world looks like outside your comfort zone.

Anyway, suppose you decide to join us on this international adventure. In that case, this doesn’t mean you are taking a leap into the unknown. Because you can take one thing for granted when you choose ESCP: you will see different cities and learn how to communicate and live together with other cultures. As a side effect, you will improve your language proficiency and earn many soft skills: adaptability, proactivity, time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and cooperation, among others.

Discover yourself. In a good company

It would change your professional and personal life forever. The best part of it is that you’re going to learn all of it while having fun with your new French classmates at the Paris Campus or your new German girlfriend at the Das Hotel Bar.

Sharing knowledge and experiences at ESCP London Campus

You will barely notice the effortless jet constant change, but you will get closer to what you want to be in life with every new day. You will build up knowledge, contacts, and experiences that will make you a trained and successful Manager, Trader, Entrepreneur, Accountant, and much more.

Even better than that, after the classes, taken by field experts ready to give you a real insight into the world of work, you will never stop learning. Your classmates will teach you a lot just by sharing their life experiences with you. You will discover what it is like to be a global Bank manager because Louis will tell you about all the countries he saw while following his father for work. Angelica will show you that it is possible to be a great freelancer and an amazing mother at the same time because this is what her mum proved to her. Their stories and their ambition will plasm your own.

And when you will fall in love with finance in the second year and decide to go work for Amazon, you will do it as a young professional who has a lot to offer and knows how to grow by sharing.
So, after your diploma, take a chance and discover who you can become.

Don’t wait any longer; ESCP’s European campuses will help you broaden your horizon while maintaining internationally acclaimed academic standards. Discover more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc) today.

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