Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris : c’est le paradise* once said the French writer Jules Renard. And if it is true that the word paradise has a different meaning for each of us, it is equally accurate that Paris represents something different for everyone. Because Paris contains multitudes, indeed.

It is called la Ville Lumière, not by chance. But the city has not earned this name simply by illuminating its countless wonders every evening. Rather, it is in honour of its role as a cultural beacon in European history. From the Enlightenment to the present day, Paris has always had the courage and strength to elucidate people’s minds, freeing them from the prejudices of their time. 

Even today, although the city has considerably transformed itself, it is once again the intellectual protagonist of its era and a trendsetter, hosting a multicultural melting pot of contemporary thinkers and global artists.

ESCP Business School, with its 200-year history dedicated to knowledge and progress, could not have been founded anywhere else. Let’s find out together what makes ESCP Paris Campus the ideal place to ‘enlighten’ young minds.

*Add two letters to Paris: it’s paradise

Where luxurious elegance meets innovation

Its picturesque charm, made of sunny quays along the Seine and quaint cafes, has been depicted in a manifold of novels, paintings and movies, inspiring entire generations. Paris is indeed rich in culture, cuisine, art, architecture and history, but it is nonetheless a city with a vision projected towards the future

Perhaps, it is precisely this tireless motion that still ensures Paris the role of an authentic global capital, preventing it from remaining mired in the uncomfortable label of an open-air museum. A legendary capital of fashion, business incubator and number one tourist destination worldwide, Paris is, in fact, defined both by its tradition and innovation.

“There are so many things one can do. The more you look into the city, the more you will see,” shares Yujin Lee, currently experiencing her first year at the ESCP Paris Campus as a Bachelor in Management (BSc) student. “Paris is full of different cultures and trends. There are a lot of exhibitions, businesses, and historical sites. Everything you ever wanted or hoped for, Paris has it.”

Creativity, intrinsic in the city’s DNA, is probably the real driving force that allows it to shape always new realities. Not surprisingly, one of the major startup hubs is based here, in the French capital: Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus, brings together a whole economic ecosystem under one roof, offering entrepreneurs and startups resources to bring their innovative ideas to life.

ESCP Paris Campus, a 200-year tradition in the heart of Europe

Founded in 1819, ESCP Paris symbolises our historical starting point as the World’s First Business School. Over the years, the constant growth of students led to a progressive expansion of the School, later conferred in the development of the two current sites: République* and Montparnasse. Together, they represent ESCP’s biggest urban campus, hosting more than 100 professors and 4,000 students per year in an area of 50,000m2.

*During the recently started renovation works, the République campus will temporarily move to the Champerret campus in the 17th arrondissement.

When talking about the ESCP Paris Campus with our BSc students, their ‘home‘ is at the premises in Avenue de la République. The location is stunningly central, to the point that if you climb to the top of the tallest building on campus, you get a breathtaking view of the city and its monuments, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur, as well as the iconic Parisian rooftops. 

“The first day, I was amazed by the size of the République Campus!” admits Ekaterina Filatova, a second-year BSc student. “It has five buildings with many study rooms and a large library. However, there are also spots to enjoy the after-study time like sports clubs and even a private bar.”

ESCP Paris Campus

Rafael Lopez, a first-year student, agrees with Ekaterina’s enthusiasm: “It is way better than I expected. I have visited other universities before, but ESCP Paris is by far the best-organised campus.”
According to Rafael, the bitting heart of the campus is definitely the courtyard, where students, staff and faculty meet over coffee, to work on group projects or enjoy the sun. “Also, the Campus canteen literally saved me in the notoriously expensive Parisian gastronomic scene. We all managed to get quality food three times a day without weighing too much on our budget.”

The Campus also provides numerous meeting spaces designed to facilitate the flow of ideas between students and external guests. The Vital Roux Auditorium, for example, has hosted numerous high-profile speakers such as business leaders, politicians, sports personalities and even members of Royal families, who gave inspiring talks to an audience of 400 participants at a time. 

A fertile ground for entrepreneurship and new business ideas

ESCP Paris Campus is a place designed to let its students experience all the wonders of the French capital in a well-equipped, friendly environment. But there is more.

The Campus is home to around 50 student societies and clubs as well as 30 sports teams. Whether you want to join a humanitarian group, test your sporting attitudes or join a debate team, you will indeed find something for you outside of the classroom.

As said, the Paris Campus is an ideal place to ignite your inner light by discovering a new passion or your true calling. Or, to start a completely new venture from scratch. In Paris, in fact, entrepreneurial souls can find their perfect ecosystem as well as The Blue Factory, the ESCP incubator dedicated to students, alumni and their business ideas. 
The Blue Factory supports projects in many fields – including education, employment, food, and fashion – covering everything from testing initial ideation to seeding and scaling to expand internationally.

Not least, Paris is home to several internationally renowned companies and brands. The ESCP Careers Centre has close connections with businesses in Paris and much further afield. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to expand their network and take advantage of the numerous occasions to meet companies and recruiters directly on campus through career fairs and specifically tailored events.

The city offers a significant number of opportunities, but the ‘competition‘ between young talents may also be intense. “Luckily,” as Ekaterina points out, “companies know ESCP Business School – since it counts among the most prestigious French Grandes Écoles – and its top-level education very well.”

Living the ESCP experience in Paris with the Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Studying in Paris is an unmatchable experience that combines an inspiring artistic charge, the best job opportunities and one of the most internationally-renowned educational landscapes. Every year, Paris confirms itself among the most popular destinations for young talents worldwide.

Choosing to experience this city as a Bachelor in Management (BSc) student is the beginning of a path full of stimuli able to broaden one’s horizons, including linguistic ones. French is the third most studied language globally, and its mastery opens more than one professional door in the country’s capital city. “The ESCP Paris Campus offers french classes,” explains Valentina Otner, a first-year BSc student, “and even if you don’t take them, you can significantly improve your proficiency during your everyday life. It is by far the best way to learn this beautiful language.”

We all remember the famous phrase uttered by the divine Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Sabrina’: “Paris is always a good idea”. And no doubt about it, she was right.

Would you like to fully experience London and two other major European cities during your studies at ESCP Business School? Contact us and learn more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc).

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