In the globalised economy, being able to think outside the box is certainly an asset, if not a requirement for success. There are few things that can help a person learn to approach problems and solutions in novel ways quite like having a business background that crosses cultural barriers, borrowing diverse ideas from all over and combining them into something great and new.

Wondering how this type of perspective might be gained? One way is through studying at an institution that makes an international outlook a key component of your instruction. In this environment, acquiring valuable cross-cultural insights becomes an inevitability instead of something that must be sought out. It’s an ideal solution for busy students with big dreams.

Curious about the ways this type of educational experience might benefit you? Here are three examples that illustrate the potential for transformation.

A Business School With an International Focus Lets You Experience More

There is nothing quite like experiencing a new culture to open a person’s eyes to new ways of thinking, new approaches to solving problems, and different examples of leadership and success. This type of growth takes time, however, and short visits to new places will likely not be enough to gain a real understanding of them.

By attending a business school like ESCP Business School, where education is split between multiple campuses in different cities, it becomes possible to enjoy the type of deeper exposure that leads to genuine growth. New classmates, new professors, and new cultural experiences await with each passing year—frequent enough for consistent excitement, but long enough for genuine growth to occur. This represents the ideal balance for budding management professionals looking for a truly international education.

Language Learning Opportunities Build Real Skills for Lifelong Benefit

To learn a new language is to open up new worlds for discovery. Suddenly, entirely new libraries of information become accessible, and deeper relationships become possible with native speakers. In business, there is additional benefit to be had from being able to speak with potential suppliers, clients, collaborators, and others who might speak a different language, too.

With that in mind, it is worth seeking out a management degree that includes language learning opportunities. This might include course material being delivered in different languages, opportunities for immersion in different cultures, and other approaches to language learning that allow for quick but comprehensive gains in skill.


Course material delivered in different languages can help students quickly become multilingual

ESCP Bachelor in Management, for example, includes both in-class and digital language courses throughout the program, and general instruction can be delivered in English, French, German, or Spanish depending on location. Find an opportunity like this and you could become the kind of multilingual, worldly asset that employers will not be able to resist.

The Best Management Degree Programs Draw a Diverse Pool of Students

Building strong bonds with individuals with a different background and perspective is an excellent way to gain a better cross-cultural view of business and the world. You might learn about different attitudes toward business held in different regions, for instance, or about particular customs or norms observed by a given culture. Of course, working and learning alongside a close group of diverse individuals can also lead to a greater ability to thrive in team dynamics where, as in the world of business, differences in background and opinion are commonplace.


The diverse talent pool present in management courses can forever change your perspective

Attending an internationally-focused business school will place you in a context where students are drawn from all over the world, making exposure to this type of diverse group a certainty. Working alongside this group of peers, you can expect to experience profound shifts in perspective—and to build a network of ambitious and capable individuals you can turn to for advice and collaboration for years to come. There’s no overstating just how valuable this can be throughout your career.

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