Is your goal to follow your dreams and pursue an international, successful, exciting business career as a leader? Then, an international education can be an excellent asset. AT ESCP Business School, our Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme enables students to study in three different countries as part of one three year programme. Spending each year of your degree in a new country gives you breadth of experience, cultural understanding, and makes you so much more independent than just staying in just one place.

Further contextualising ideas and enhancing your perspective has the power to make you a better student, professional, and leader—it also offers you the confidence and strength to be more independent. Not only can you experience incredible personal development studying in different countries, but you will likely see benefits down the road in your future life and career. Read on to learn why studying in three different countries makes you a more independent person, capable of making conscious choices about your future.

Completing Your Bachelor in Management (BSc) in Three Countries Can Boost Your Confidence

Being able to independently tackle problems, make choices, and follow your life path all requires self-confidence. Knowing that you are capable of studying in and adapting to life in a new environment can help show you your immense worth, and help you see how much you are truly capable of. You’ll also gain problem-solving skills, communication skills, and leadership skills that will help you navigate various situations—whether they are social interactions, relational challenges, or instances where you need to be assertive.

bachelor of management science
You have a good chance of leaving your business management programme with added confidence

With confidence comes independence. Studying abroad at our business management school can prepare you to go after what you want in life. Whether you decide to join an international company or launch yourself into an entrepreneurial project, you’ll always be able to lean on your self-confidence and independent approach.

You Can Self-Reflect During Your Bachelor in Management (BSc) Programme

Self-reflection is another important factor in being able to navigate the world. Studying with peers and instructors from different backgrounds, exposes you to new ideas and perspectives, which in turn promotes self-reflection and discovery. Meeting professionals with different perspectives also helps to expand your own ideas.

Traditional programmes don’t always offer this opportunity. Simply focusing on theoretical course content and staying in one familiar place doesn’t foster the same level of introspection. With a Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme that includes opportunities to learn who you really are, you’ll feel more solid meeting challenges, changes, and opportunities head on as an independent and capable professional.

Adaptability Is an Amazing Quality for ESCP Business School Grads

When getting used to new environments, you need to adapt in a plethora of ways. For example, you may need to get used to different learning approaches as you live and study in a new city with its own culture.

Discovering companies and meeting with managers in different countries also exposes you to new and diverse leadership styles. Getting used to these changes will help you become adaptable and can make you quite relaxed with new experiences.

Business management school
Knowing how to adapt to change allows you to pursue goals independently

This level of adaptability not only allows you to enjoy your studies more, but can also become a strength you keep and apply to changes in your life. Independent people are able to learn, adapt, and even enjoy changes. By developing your abilities in this area, you will further increase your self-esteem and sense of responsibility as you progress in your studies, career, and goals.

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