Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) equips you with important skills, knowledge, and experience. If you’re looking to invest in your future, it’s an education that can help set you up for success.

ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme
Bachelor in Management (BSc) graduates

ESCP Business School is a school that offers high-quality education and the variety you need to gain a well-rounded skillset. Your professional journey can be even brighter than you imagined! Read on to learn more about why earning your management degree at ESCP is an excellent choice.

You’re in Good Hands With a Well-Rounded Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Not all business management programmes include modules in the liberal arts and humanities. In fact, this duality is something that sets ESCP’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) apart. A management programme that includes modules in the liberal arts and humanities can be a huge asset. The curriculum includes a variety of courses including Presentation, Discussion and Rhetoric Skills, Psychology and Sociology, as well as more traditional businesses modules like International Economics, and Operations Management. This pushes your mind and development in different, diverse directions and makes you a more well-rounded student and future professional.

bachelor in management
Your mind and skill set are sharpened by a well-rounded education

Liberal arts educations promote cultural and interpersonal understanding, with an exploration of subjects such as Languages and Intercultural Skills. These allow you to comprehend business concepts on a level that other students in a more limited programme might not fully grasp, as this approach adds context to topics. This in turn helps you build critical thinking skills and broaden your scope when examining issues in management and beyond.

An International Environment Helps Students Prepare to Thrive in Today’s Globalised World

At ESCP, our interdisciplinary Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme allows students to build their path and choose between five different campuses in five different countries. As part of the three-year programme, students will move to a different campus each year, enhancing their international experience.  Students complete their studies in English, with options to take classes in Spanish, German, Italian, and French as well.

This international and multicultural educational experience gives you the opportunity to develop your language skills in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German, and can help prepare you for today’s globalised world. For students who aspire to international careers, language skills place you ahead of the pack. Studying within three different international environments, also helps you learn about different cultures, approaches, and views. Meeting peers from different backgrounds than your own helps you grow and learn, and your ability to connect, communicate, and further contextualise can make all the difference in your career path.

Liberal arts and languages combined with a top-notch education in management give you a unique base of knowledge and skills. You can be confident that with this background you will get well-noticed when you enter the professional world.

Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) Helps You Gain Practical Experience

There are two compulsory internships—one of which may be replaced by a social impact project—included in our Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme, offering students different experiences to draw from. The practical experience that students gain from their Bachelor in Management (BSc) is one of the most valuable parts of such an education. The process of putting theory you’ve learned into practice will lead you to personal development and discovery that you otherwise would have to wait until your first job to receive. That way, you get on a faster track to achieve the goals you set for yourself and getting to a stage you want to be at in your career.

In addition to internships, social impact projects, and business simulations, students can also gain hands-on experience through collective projects carried out together with companies such as J.P. Morgan, Uber, and Bloomberg. These projects are another way to gain experience actively putting theory into practice. Moreover, the programme constantly challenges the students to tap into their creative side and generate innovative ideas while working alongside their peers. Some students plan projects in humanitarian aid or social life, while others focus on business. These projects develop sharp leadership skills, communication strategies, and cooperative teamwork skills. Being a good leader and team member is invaluable once you leave school and pursue your career, and enrolling in a programme that can help you develop such essential soft skills can serve you well.

bachelor degree in management
Working in groups is a great way to gain leadership experience

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