Isabel Calandrini is a third-year Bachelor in Management (BSc) student coming from Milan, Italy. Passionate about travelling and meeting people from all over the world, she found at ESCP Business School the international and multicultural environment she was looking for. 
During her studies, Isabel has ‘discovered’ another significant aspect for her future: her passion for the luxury sector and the tools to transform it into a professional path.

Choosing the Bachelor in Management (BSc): it all started there

Isabel decided to make a bold move at a very early age, completing high school in the UK with an International Baccalaureate. “Living abroad made me very open-minded and outgoing,” she tells us, “so it came pretty natural to me to look for the continuation of my path in an international and highly dynamic environment.”

She got to know the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Business School thanks to a friend. “I saw that this programme offered great courses in Business and Management, the subjects I liked the most at high school. Moreover, ESCP is a well-known institution and one of the best French Business Schools.”

What Isabel liked the most about the programme, like many of her peers, was the possibility of changing location every year. This implied the opportunity to meet and interact with people coming from every corner of the world and speaking several foreign languages. “This was finally the cherry on top that made me join the BSc without any doubt!” she admits.

Isabel at the ESCP Berlin Campus
Isabel at the ESCP Berlin Campus

Finding your path: a career in Luxury

After graduation, Isabel is determined to start her career in the luxury sector, precisely in the marketing field.  

“ESCP allowed me to deepen my understanding of marketing by choosing some exciting courses such as Digital Marketing and The Art of Selling. I really enjoy those classes because I can increase my knowledge on something that interests me, and I can experience some marketing and sales strategies in my everyday life,” she adds.

But her passion for the luxury sector has also been nurtured and enhanced by another opportunity made available by ESCP. “At the Turin Campus, I joined the ESCP Luxury Society, a priceless chance for having direct contact with this sector,” Isabel tells us. 

The Society was founded as a student association in 2016 to facilitate students’ entrance into the industry by making them understand company culturesjob positions, and recruitment processes.

“Becoming part of the Luxury Society helped me build my network in the luxury sector and share my passion with people who have the same interests. In addition, I have been able to do an internship in the field.”

In general, ESCP offers many opportunities to meet recruiters over the study years by organising several events and career fairs. “I am now confident to say that, after all the different meetings I had with the career centres, I understand what recruiters are looking for,” adds Isabel. “Now, I can tailor my CV and cover letter in accordance with the different positions and prepare myself in the best possible way before the interviews.” 

Living the world firsthand: 3 years, 3 campuses

At the time of enrolment, Isabel decided to choose the ParisTurinBerlin track. 

“Living in Paris has been a dream; its beauty is astonishing. I fell in love with the city straight away. While strolling around, you always spot a new lovely corner, street, or building!” Isabel recalls her first year. “Coming from Milan, I am used to seeing fashionable people all around the city. In Paris, it is the same! Here, I have also been able to attend some fashion shows and fantastic art exhibitions. The whole experience made me even more passionate about art and fashion. Finally, I improved my French and deepened my understanding of French culture and cuisine!”

After Paris, Isabel went back to Italy and moved to Turin. “In the beginning, coming from a big city like Paris or Milan made me wonder if I made the right choice for my second city. Now, I can say without any doubt that I completely adored Turin. It has become one of my favourite cities in the world!”

Isabella Calandrini Luxury Society ESCP Bachelor in Management
Palazzina di caccia Stupinigi (The hunting residence of Stupinigi) in Turin

According to Isabel, Turin is an authentic ‘jewel’. “While wandering in the city center, I could literally feel the history and imagine the nobility who lived there in the past. It is fascinating to see at least once the Musei Reali, the Royal Museums that show the dynastic collections of the Savoia family, like old master paintings, ancient sculptures, and weapons.” 

Last but not least, Isabel agrees that the food in Turin is delicious, suggesting to try one of the many ‘Piole‘, small cheap restaurants that are very worth trying.

Her last year of Bachelor is currently taking place in Berlin. “I wasn’t expecting Berlin to be this big. It is a vast city, and going from one place to another takes a lot of time. Still, on the other hand, it is well organized and connected,” explains Isabel. “I personally don’t embrace the underground culture – quite widespread in the city – but I like the fact that everyone can dress up as they want, and no one will judge.”

The city, in fact, is a unique melting pot of cultures, and the absolute acceptance of differences is almost due. “What I enjoy the most about living here is that everywhere I go, I see buildings different from one another, and it feels like I am in another city all the time. I am sure that I will take a significant cultural enrichment away from this experience.”

Teaming up while learning independence: honing flexibility

Before joining the Bachelor at ESCP, Isabel admits she wasn’t very used to group work. “The Bachelor indeed made me realise how important it is to understand the basics of team building and use them in everything you do. At first, it was challenging to cope with the habits and needs of other people. Still, in the end, I understood that as soon as you realize that we all have our particular strengths, you can easily maximize the final result by focusing on them!”

While didactics at ESCP involve many projects to be managed in a group, there are also significant opportunities to ‘test’ your individual skills. And, perhaps, earn your first autonomous roles of responsibility.

“I was thrilled to be selected as a PR and Event Manager for the Luxury Society in 2020! I was in charge of online events, so my task was to contact managers, recruiters, and directors of the luxury industry and invite them to (virtually) meet with the members of the Society. Furthermore, during an event, I have met and built a relationship with Licia Mattioli, the CEO of Mattioli, a famous Italian High Jewellery Brand. Since that event, we have kept in touch, and I had the opportunity to do my internship there last summer.”

Isabel’s resourcefulness was noted and even rewarded. “After all the hard work, I have been elected to be the Head of the Berlin Campus Luxury Society, together with another colleague! My goal is to continue organizing events and create a strong Society, capable of building a solid network in the luxury world and get the most out of it.”

Bachelor students ESCP Business School
Making friends for life while learning how to work in a group

Shaping your own future: the first step counts as thousands

The experience at ESCP Business School was undoubtedly a game-changer for Isabel. So much so that she would recommend it to all those peers who wish to build their future on their passions at an international level.

“ESCP puts together people with different backgrounds, motivated to get the most out of this programme. Students here are very broad-minded, and it is easy to make friends!” she says. “Also, you will have the possibility to challenge yourself in so many different ways, you will end up discovering talents and potential that you did not even know you had.”

“If you are willing to change location every year, meet people from all over the world and become a great team player and a leader, this BSc is made for you!” Isabel advises future students.

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