The personal statement is one of the most important parts of your application to a business school. It is your opportunity to demonstrate who you are, what inspires and motivates you, and what your career aspirations are. 

When applying to the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Business School, students need to submit a personal statement in the first stage of the application process. The personal statement can include up to 1,000 words and must be written in English.

If this is your first time writing a personal statement, it can be difficult to know what to include and how to ensure that you stand out. Read on to find out how to write the perfect motivational letter. 

Personal statement application for ESCP
Make the most of your application with an outstanding personal statement

Why ESCP Business School?

In your personal statement, you should make sure to talk about your motivation. Think carefully about what made you choose to apply to study for a Bachelor Degree in management at ESCP Business School.

Does the program’s combination of liberal arts with more traditional management courses appeal to you? Do you have global ambition and want to complete your undergraduate studies across three different cities? Are there specific aspects about business administration that appeal to you and make you want to explore the field further?

Whatever it is, write it down! In just a paragraph or two, you can transform your submission from a generic personal statement to one that is carefully tailored to the school and will stand out to the admissions department. 

Focus On What Makes You Stand Out

One of the best choices you can make while writing your personal statement is to emphasize your sense of authenticity and personality, and how it makes you stand out. This can of course be a challenge since you are competing with numerous other applicants hoping to enrol in the same programme.

You can try to determine this by asking yourself some questions. What are my strongest personal qualities, and how do they enhance my sense of authenticity? How can I demonstrate this in my application? In what way do they make me into a great student and serve me as a professional? How have my life experiences shaped me as an individual?

The more you express what makes you unique as a student, and why this makes you a fantastic candidate for the programme, the more it can help your statement and application stand out from those of your peers.

Bachelor in Management (BSc) application
Stand out by focusing on what makes you unique

Include Real-Life Examples 

Every point you make in your personal statement should be backed up with real-life examples. You might have excellent time management skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, or be naturally good at building relationships. However, without examples to back them up, these statements could seem meaningless. 

Try to think of experiences in your education or professional life so far that demonstrate skills that will help you during your Bachelor of Business. For example, did you balance a part-time job with studies and extracurricular activities at school? Or maybe you founded a student magazine? Or did you take the time to volunteer for a local charity or cause? Think about the things that make you different, and use your personal statement to highlight them. 

What Are Your Career Aspirations After Completing Your Bachelor of Business?

Finally, it’s a good idea to include a paragraph about what you want to do after graduating from business school, and how the Bachelor in Management (BSc) will help you get there.

ESCP Business School has links to some of the world’s top employers, including KPMG, Coca-Cola, and EY, and its graduates will have the opportunity to enhance their CVs with prestigious internships and hands-on social impact projects. As well as this, the school helps students to access competitive professional opportunities with recruitment days and career fairs

Even if you’re not completely certain of what you want to do after graduating, mentioning some of the things that you’re considering, like starting your own business or working in the financial sector, will show that you are driven and ambitious. Be honest about what you want to achieve and what interests you, and your passion should flow through the page. 

Bachelor in Management (BSc) personal statement
Show us what motivates you in your personal statement

Are you interested in joining the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc)? Contact ESCP Europe for more information! 

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