From skill development to networking, internships certainly offer several career advantages. Taking this a step further, we can easily imagine why international internships should be even more beneficial. Strongly sought after by global employers, these formative experiences abroad represent an unparalleled competitive edge for young graduates.

Position Yourself in the Global Work Environment through International Internships

With students looking forward to standing out in a competitive market, international internships can indeed provide long-term benefits by allowing them to showcase (and test) their talents in high-paced work environments. International internships can be even more rewarding, helping students and recent graduates create global networks before landing an entry-level position.

The benefits of international internships are often magnified for business students. Exposure to foreign markets and business practices can help students specialise their knowledge and develop a range of abilities that set them apart in their home countries.

International intership ESCP Business School

Let’s take the example of students enrolled in the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc), the programme that allows them to live and study in a different capital each year. Here, not only will they be able to access ESCP’s extensive network of top global companies, but also try their hand at an internship at the end of each academic year, immersed in a continuously changing international business environment. 

“To complete your Bachelor at ESCP, you need to carry out 21 weeks of internship as a minimum,” told us our alumna Eloise Dean. “Having industry experience at three different companies before graduating let me understand how paramount company culture is. It also helped me develop my preferences about the type of company and industry I would like to work in.”

International Internships Represent a Unique Opportunity for Skill Acquisition

For business school students, internships are essential to acquire practical experience to complement formal training and discover the perfect intersection between their passions and personal aptitudes – two critical components to landing a rewarding first job. 

Intern work helps students learn the ropes of their particular industry, consolidating their knowledge and converting it into hard-won practical skills. This experience goes a long way in convincing employers of your potential contribution to their organisations.

“During my first year as a Bachelor in Management student, I landed an internship with Airbus!” shared our alumnus Laurent Högl-Roy. “I was selected to do a three-month internship at Airbus Defence and Space in Lean Management and Process Optimisation. My internship was even better than I imagined it. I not only gained some new skills, but I also learned a lot about the industry.

International teams of the Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Skill development is only heightened with an international internship, as students may develop new linguistic proficiencies and cultural sensitivities. International experience is a crucial asset in today’s workforce and may serve to illustrate a job applicant’s adaptability and worldliness. For organisations, international internships can reinforce the appeal of globally-minded students. 

Internships Abroad are a Stepping Stone to Careers After Business School

International internships’ main ‘task’ is to help business students crack the foreign job market by proving one’s skills abroad. In fact, this highly competitive environment has led many to consider internships the ‘new’ entry position when approaching a career path outside their own country. 

Starting this adventure with the endorsement of a leading Business School such as ESCP is, even more, a promise of success. The Business Network of the School has links to some of the world’s top employers, including KPMG, Coca-Cola, EY, and many others. At the same time, the Career Service organises dedicated events such as recruitment days and career fairs, offering students plenty of opportunities to network with representatives of some of the most important global companies worldwide. 

Moreover, internships are not the only tool our BSc students have at hand to craft their international resumes. The three-year programme includes social impact projects, resulting in real business cases solved in close collaboration with local companies. In addition, there are numerous hubs and opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, as well as student associations and Societies dedicated to specific industries. These opportunities concur in helping students graduate already with an impressive CV, prepared for the competitive job market.

International internships

Maximising a study experience abroad means taking every opportunity to develop new professional relationships and consolidate your profile. An international internship – and more generally every hands-on experience abroad – can undoubtedly ease the transition from the global classroom to a worldwide career.

With strong ties in the business world, ESCP Business School helps its students find the right career path.

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