The Bachelor in Management (BSc) will help to prepare you for a wide range of careers at a wide range of organizations—from global corporations to NGOs. The alumni of ESCP Business School are well-equipped for a successful career in business that could take them anywhere in the world.

A class of the Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Our unique programme gives students the opportunity to live and study in three major European cities over the span of three years. As well as being multilingual and multinational, the course is also multidisciplinary. ESCP Business School offers an extensive curriculum including modules in Management, Economics & Law, Languages & Personal Skills, Collective Projects and Internships, and Liberal Arts & Humanities.

Training in the humanities and liberal arts is increasingly valued by employers who want graduates with ‘soft skills’ like leadership, problem-solving, and communication. Read on to discover how the liberal arts modules in the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Business School will help you develop leadership skills and excel in the workplace.

Develop Problem-Solving Skills at Business Management School

Studying liberal arts as part of a business management degree will help you develop your problem-solving skills. Studies in the liberal arts encourage students to ask important questions about sociology, life, and history. It combines factual information like data and statistics with theoretical concepts. Students will need to use critical and analytical thinking skills in order to understand information from multiple perspectives and create different arguments.

Studying humanities at ESCP Business School
Studying liberal arts will help you to develop problem-solving skills—making you a better leader

This is an important part of leadership. Good leaders are good problem solvers and know how to approach challenges with a solutions-driven and open-minded approach. At some point in your career, you will encounter challenges.  How you overcome these will be paramount to your success, and the right programme can help you develop these skills early.

Improve Your Communication Skills with the Help of Liberal Arts Modules

Communication skills are valued in almost every career. People are the heart of the business, and knowing how to communicate with managers, clients, and employees will help you to succeed.

A lot of employers are looking for candidates that are able to network and build positive relationships with colleagues and clients. Taking modules in the liberal arts will help you to improve your communication skills, both verbal and written, as you will learn how to convey complex ideas clearly and concisely.

The liberal arts include the study of psychology, sociology, and history, which are all, in essence, the study of ‘people’. Improving your understanding of others will also help to improve your interpersonal skills. The Bachelor in Management (BSc) includes an ‘Introduction to Psychology and Sociology’ and ‘International Relations and European & World History’, as well as more traditional business modules like ‘Micro-Economics’.

In today’s digital world, employers are placing more value on emotional intelligence and ‘soft skills’ like communication and interpersonal skills. Fortunately, graduates with a business management diploma who have taken liberal arts modules are able to demonstrate these aptitudes.

Broaden Your Horizons with New Ways of Thinking

Finally, completing humanities and liberal arts modules will introduce you to new ways of thinking. The best businessmen and women tend to be well-read and are able to draw inspiration from great philosophers and other sources. By being exposed to new ideas and points of view throughout your studies, you’ll learn to look in many different places for fresh ideas and bold new solutions.

In this way, the humanities and liberal arts will teach you how to think, strategise, and communicate like a leader.

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