Driven by its values, ESCP Business School assists students in developing a penchant for making informed and conscious choices. Students need to be able to meet complex challenges with optimism, determination, and strength. As students grow into future leaders, their education at ESCP Business School is grounded in four central values: Excellence, Singularity, Creativity, and Plurality

ESCP Business School core values

With these values, ESCP has consistently provided an education that shapes students into the leaders of tomorrow. As an institution impassioned by responsible and collaborative leadership, ESCP seeks to help students grow into dedicated professionals.

Read on to learn how the values of ESCP Business School make it stand out. 

ESCP Business School Maintains Excellence in All It Does 

ESCP Business School’s guiding principle of excellence has assisted it in offering a high calibre of education throughout its history. Its pursuit of excellence has led it to offer programmes in a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, and German, and provide students with access to various overseas exchange programmes. ESCP also ensures that its students are offered an educational experience that communicates distinction and high quality. 

Bachelor in Management (BSc) core values
ESCP Business School maintains excellence in all it does 

This approach to education stems from the European university culture. ESCP Business School’s fidelity to this tradition leads it to offer a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and humanistic educationStudents become learned in a diverse set of intersecting fields, so that they, too, may greet the world with distinction.

ESCP Business School Possesses Singularity in Who It Is

To understand ESCP Business School’s singularity, it is important to look back at its tradition. ESCP has been in operation for over two centuries. As a school first created in 1819 by entrepreneurs, it is considered the world’s first business school. Thus, it is one of the main institutions that have concurred in shaping the idea of the modern business school

As a long-standing institution, ESCP Business School has trained leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe. Some notable alumni include Antoine Riboud, the founder of the multi-national food-products company DanoneLeila Slimani, a globally renowned author and writer; and Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the former Prime Minister of France. The Business School has the capacity to prepare professionals for their diverse careers, no matter what they go on to achieve.

ESCP Business School Leads with Creativity

ESCP Business School chooses to lead with creativity. This influences all educational offerings, from bachelor’s degrees to master’s programmes. The aim is to cultivate curiosity and boldness in students. This is achieved through an interdisciplinary curriculum that incorporates humanities components

ESCP Business School is also committed to implementing bright new initiatives grounded in creative approaches. This is visible in initiatives on sustainability. For example, ESCP Business School recently took part in a ground-breaking partnership with the UN Environment Programme. Additionally, it offers an exclusive new Master of Science programme focused on international sustainability and management issues. ESCP Business School prides itself on being at the forefront of the global movement responsible for managing our planet’s resources.

ESCP Business School Offers Plurality in Every Aspect of Its Activity

Plurality is behind many of the decisions made at ESCP Business School. Students are granted the ability to study on six different campuses across Europe. ESCP Business School operates campuses in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. This is part of what it means to be an institution firmly committed to interculturality

Interculturality and values at ESCP Business School
ESCP Business School reflects plurality in all it does 

ESCP Business School maintains 140 strategic academic alliances throughout the globe. In these partnerships, it can stay informed of and participate in academic opportunities on an international scale. These alliances are spread throughout 47 different countries. Underlying these alliances is the school’s pronounced respect for all cultures and all forms of diversity. This is what enables ESCP Business School to be truly multi-modal and multi-disciplinary in all it does. 

ESCP Business School proudly incorporates the values of excellence, singularity, creativity, and plurality into all of its programmes. Students can be assured that whether they opt to enrol in an Executive MBA, a Bachelor in Management, a Master in Management, or any other programme, they will be receiving a values-driven education of the highest calibre. 

Are you interested in becoming part of the ESCP Community by enrolling in the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme? Contact us for more information. 

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