In the classroom, you are introduced to concepts and theories that build a foundation of knowledge. This comprises what you learn during a business education. When you take that knowledge to an internship or project, you connect what you know to how it applies to the real world. This connection between theory and practice is crucial and reinforces why your classroom learning and practical learning are most effective when combined.

Bachelor in Management (BSc) Theory and practice
BSc students involved in hands-on activities

For example, before you run a marketing campaign, you examine case studies, learn terminology, and study research methodology, but all of that knowledge is theoretical until you try it out for yourself. Experiencing the successes, failures, and consequences of your actions will lead you to important insights

How does our Bachelor in Management (BSc) ensure that your education effectively merges these important learning components? Keep reading to find out.

Our Bachelor in Management (BSc) Begins with Collective Projects

From your first year at ESCP Business School, you combine the learning you do in lecture halls, seminars, and tutorials with applied practice. At the beginning of your first and second year, you work in a small team to identify, develop, and execute a practical project during the academic year. 

For students, their Collective Projects also give them the opportunity to collaborate with startups. Our BSc student Justine Altmeyer-Wagner, for example, has spent six months working for Paris-based startup Eiffo Analytics, which specializes in data science and predictive analysis. As part of a group of six students from five different countries, she and her colleagues exchange tasks while working in pairs, in order to explore the various facets of business and increase productivity. 

“This experience has been such a great way for us to apply theoretical knowledge to concrete cases, but also an eye-opener as I realized what interested me within the business,” Justine says. “I’m surely going to bring all the skills I learned during this project to my professional life. I’m so thankful that ESCP BS gave us the opportunity to take part in such a great project.”

Follow your interests and practice teamwork strategies with your collective project
Follow your interests and practice teamwork strategies with your collective project

Social Impact Projects at ESCP Business School

If you are interested in our Bachelor in Management (BSc) and want to have a truly unique hands-on experience, then a social impact project could be a key part of your plan. In keeping with ESCP’s philosophy of integrating the principles of ethics and sustainability into our educational experience, these projects invite you to put your knowledge of areas like socially conscious marketing or international relations to use for a local non-profit organisation

More than just volunteer experiences, these projects can contribute to a well-rounded education, build character, and show your willingness to use your initiative and creativity for a socially relevant cause.

Internships in the Bachelor in Management (BSc) Programme

The term intern, as we understand it today, has its origins in medical education in the 1920s. When you go back a few more centuries, you find a similar concept with the masters of the Italian Renaissance (and their patrons) who mentored apprentices in their studios to foster young talent. If you attend our business management university, you will enter into this long tradition of learning under the guidance of expert professionals.

Already at the end of the first year of your bachelor programme, you will have the option to take on an eight-week internship; after your second year you will have a choice between a twelve-week internship and a social impact project; and before you graduate, you will do another twelve-week internship. These experiences help you develop both your skills and your confidence

Business Games, Work-Study Opportunities, and Career Fairs

It should now be clear that your education at ESCP Business School is built on an experiential and integrative academic framework. Beyond the traditional opportunities like internships, and the unique experiences of collective and social impact projects, there’s still more.

In year three, students participate in business games, which consist of online simulations that require teams to compete in a virtual business environment. These games introduce students to the complexity of business decision-making. 

Additionally, students who attend their third year in Paris will spend 50 percent of their time in academic classes and 50 percent working in a Paris-based company

The sum of these experiences set students up for success in our regularly scheduled Career Fairs, during which dozens of companies set up on campus to recruit young graduates. Students are also encouraged to take advantage of other events and workshops organised by the career team, which prepare them for success as they enter the professional business world.

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