The Induction Days of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP Business School mark a significant milestone in our students’ pathway. During these intense and stimulating initial days, over 900 students meet the School for the first time while others get familiar with their new Campus.

However, regardless of their starting point, all students share a common experience: they immerse themselves in the vibrant ESCP spirit and gain a deep understanding of the institution’s unwavering dedication to fostering purpose-driven leaders.

At ESCP, the overarching mission is clear: to provide students with a holistic and forward-looking educational experience that encompasses academic excellence and crucial facets of human development and professional growth. These aspirations find their foundation in ESCP’s historical model, which is rooted in academic rigour and its unique multi-campus experience. 

To manifest this vision, ESCP developed its Choice & Experiences Strategy, which revolves around four essential pillars: Sustainability, Expertise, Innovation, and Community, each representing a vital facet of the institution’s identity and purpose. The Induction Days of 2023 were meticulously planned to reflect and emphasise these four pillars, setting the tone for an educational journey that integrates global perspectives, ethical responsibility, cutting-edge knowledge, and a strong sense of community.

Cultivating a Sustainable Mindset

ESCP Business School places sustainability at the heart of its educational mission, recognising that the future is shaped by responsible choices driven by education. Sustainability, which encompasses human, social, economic, and environmental aspects, signifies a fundamental shift from resource exploitation to ethical conduct. Consequently, the education of future decision-makers necessitates a profound and genuine internalisation of these values.

During the Induction Days 2023, ESCP Business School started a seamless integration of its values of sustainability, ethics, and responsibility towards our environment into students’ daily routines. This immersive approach ensures that these crucial principles become an integral part of their mindset and decision-making process from the very beginning of their journey, fostering a deep and lasting commitment to sustainability in their roles as both individuals and future leaders.

“During the Induction Days, we proposed a Climate Fresk and various activities related to sustainable well-being, thus creating awareness among our students that on Campus these issues are fundamental values ​​of our daily life and not just popular buzzwords,” explains Maria Smith, Brand & Communications Manager at the Berlin Campus. “We promptly introduced our BSc students also to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, to which our School adheres and implements as a foundational framework for comprehending sustainability matters within the School’s educational curriculum and engagements with various stakeholders.”

Our Commitment to Expertise

ESCP Business School prioritises knowledge and proficiency as the cornerstones of its students’ educational journey. This unwavering commitment to expertise was brought to life for the Bachelor in Management (BSc) students during this year’s Induction Days in a multifaceted manner. They engaged in dynamic workshops, interacted with esteemed professors, explored the programme offerings, and discovered the invaluable resources of the Career Service

Through this immersive experience within ESCP’s physical and intellectual environment, these initial days not only conveyed the School’s dedication to excellence but also ignited a sense of curiosity about the myriad opportunities available and instilled an awareness of the multifaceted growth journey that lies ahead for them.

Indeed, one of the most exciting prospects for BSc students lies in entrepreneurship—a realm they can venture into even as they pursue their studies. ESCP’s wealth of expertise comes into play, providing them with an array of invaluable tools, including the dynamic start-up accelerator known as Blue Factory ESCP. This initiative serves as a guiding compass for students and alumni entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive support throughout their entrepreneurial odyssey, from the inception of innovative ideas to the global expansion of their ventures.

The Blue Factory presented itself during the Induction Days at the Turin Campus. On this occasion, its Head Simone Marino, remarked, “Bachelor students continue to astound us with their entrepreneurial drive, so it’s crucial for them to be aware of the resources we offer to complement their classroom education.” 
According to Simone, witnessing such enthusiasm is truly inspiring. “Since September, I’ve been flooded with emails from determined young individuals looking to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, a response that exceeded my expectations. Blue Factory was established precisely to empower them to translate their classroom knowledge into practical ventures, and through our programs and personalised coaching, we are confident in helping them turn their ideas into tangible realities.”

Fueling success through innovation

ESCP Business School has ingrained innovation into every facet of its academic activities and services, continually pursuing cutting-edge learning methodologies and offering students the most contemporary perspectives on Management and societal issues. 

Here, innovation transcends mere technological advancement; it embodies the evolution and refinement of thought, which, in turn, supports the development of methods and tools that drive progress and societal well-being.
In the present context, this innovative approach extends across various aspects of a student’s academic journey, encompassing not only pedagogical methods but also inclusive practices and holistic well-being, reflecting the School’s commitment to shaping well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

As Ruxandra Constantinescu, Programme Manager for the Bachelor in Management at the Madrid Campus, aptly puts it, ‘The Induction Days havs been thought of as a first opportunity for students to get to know each other, truly understand ESCP’s cutting-edge approach to their education and set the expectations for the semester.
Our B2 students came this year to Madrid after having spent their first year in Paris, London or Turin, so we tried our best to set up seminars and workgroups organised explicitly with the intent to ensure the greatest possible continuity with their path up to now in accordance with the 4 pillars of our Choice & Experiences Strategy. These pillars actively contribute to the teaching and pedagogical purposes of the BSc programme, as well as to integrating the different cultural backgrounds of our students.”

Building Bonds in a Multifaceted Community

Building a strong and cohesive community holds particular significance at ESCP, especially for BSc students who cope with changing campuses and meeting new classmates each year. It is paramount for them to consistently feel like they are part of a broader family scattered across five different cities and countries throughout Europe while always upholding the same core values of the School. 

During the Induction Days 2023, our campuses orchestrated a variety of ice-breaking and team-building activities designed to connect students in a spontaneous and relaxed manner. Ludovico Biffignandi, a first-year BSc student from Italy, emphasizes the importance of these activities in fostering connections among students from diverse backgrounds at ESCP. “The rugby activities were my favourite, as they emphasized teamwork and collaborative efforts to accomplish objectives or conquer challenges,” he adds.

Moreover, workshops focused on Multiculturalism and Diversity were employed to break down any residual barriers between individuals. This approach fosters a multifaceted community that thrives when its members genuinely understand and respect each other, reinforcing the School’s commitment to nurturing inclusive, interconnected, and globally-minded emerging managers.

As an illustrative instance, the Induction Days 2023 at the London and Turin Campus featured workshops that delved into highly contemporary and relevant topics such as Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion. Dr Ling Eleanor Zhang, Associate Professor of Management, articulated the programme’s commitment succinctly: “The Bachelor is totally dedicated to nurturing equity, inclusion, and diversity, perfectly aligning with ESCP Business School’s overarching strategy. Through this workshop, we aspire to instil in our first-year students a profound understanding of the significance of these pillars in today’s business world and a sense of belonging to a new generation of innovative managers.”

Would you also like to fully experience the ESCP experience during your student’s years? Contact us and learn more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc).

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