“Madrid is where one learns to understand.” That is how Ernest Hemingway expressed his intense connection with the Spanish capital, fueled by much more besides the art, history and beauty that permeate the city. 

As those who know it deeply often say, Madrid has nothing, yet it has everything. No major river cuts it in half or sea washes its borders, nor does it carry a unique historical heritage on its shoulders. It is all about its soul and its thousand personalities, capable of arousing admiring wonder. 

Perhaps, Madrid is more an experience than a city. One that speaks simultaneously to the mind and heart of those who live it. Like the students of ESCP Business School, for example, who can choose this destination among the six prestigious European campuses offered by the school.

Follow us through the discovery of the ESCP Madrid Campus and the city that has been able to rewrite the meaning of the verb vivir (to live).

The City

‘Garbo’ and the legendary madrileño attitude

Madrid simply has ‘garbo‘, the elegance, grace, style, and sensual allure that fascinates visitors and newcomers in a blink of an eye. Therefore, it is not surprising that the city is one of the most visited in Europe, offering a unique mix of lifestyle, gastronomy, and thousands of places to visit, including some of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Every corner reveals something able to surprise and delight. From Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor to the Plaza de España, from Malasaña to the Bernabeu football stadium, it’s not just the sheer size of the city and the number of its attractions that makes it stir. It is mainly the madrileño attitude – a love of socialising, cultural flare, and the warmth of its people – that makes it stand out.

Finally, Madrid presents excellent opportunities for students, offering an international community and exceptional career prospects in one of the most affordable student cities in Europe. 

Guillaume Danloy, Alumnus of the Bachelor in Management (BSc), recalls his year in Madrid as one of the best experiences in his life: “I would say it is the best Spanish city. And even from a living perspective, Madrid has no rivals in the world in terms of quality of life. I definitely see myself returning there one day. The culture, the people, the food, the spirit, the weather, it’s everything that makes the city such a special place to be.”

City of Madrid ESCP Business School
Madrid, Spain

The Campus

A relentless expansion paired with authentic relationships

Gone are the years when the concept of ‘business school’ was not yet well established in the education ecosystem in Spain. But from the beginning, ESCP Business School has always been among the protagonists co-shaping the educational panorama of the country. 

The origins of the ESCP Madrid Campus date back to 1987, when it still had its headquarters in the Viso neighbourhood. At that time, the first cohort counted just about 50 students, coming mainly from Spain, Germany and France. A world apart from the multicultural environment you breathe on the Campus today, with over 40 nationalities represented by more than 1,000 students a year

The Madrid Campus progression has been indeed notable. It has grown from a two-person staff in 1987 to over 64 in 2021, and from one to three campus buildings: the main facility in Arroyofresno, Executive Education in Navalmanzano and the new opening in Calle Marìa de Molina

However, even at the rate that the Madrid Campus is growing, it is still characterised by its warmth. Here, you can find familiaritypersonalised attention and closeness between the students, professors and staff like nowhere else.

ESCP programmes that allow students to spend each year of their academic career in a different country – such as the Bachelor in Management (BSc) – still offer a consistent learning experience across all Campuses. Nonetheless, each Campus also boasts its own peculiarities and didactic strengths, making the ‘learning nomadism’ an even more enriching experience.

For instance, Madrid has a mix of professors balanced between thorough academics and experienced practitioners. This blend of profiles works for the profit of students, who get from the professors both academic grounded theories and real business learnings coming from the experience in managing companies. The Faculty here is also famous for being extremely accessible by students, with whom it always cares to establish a relationship of close mutual exchange.

Ultimately, but not least important, the Campus’ green spaces and terraces give it an extra touch and allow students to enjoy Madrid’s fantastic weather throughout the year. In the meantime, the cafeteria gurus Paco and Victor – unanimously decreed as one of the best assets of the Campus – take care of everyone with their big smiles, kind words and daily home-cooked meals.

Welcome to ESCP Madrid Campus

The Opportunities

An international bridge between Europe and Latin America

Madrid is considered the major financial centre and the leading economic hub of the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe due to its economic output, high standard of living and market size. It is also considered one of the world’s major global cities as it is highly influential in politics, education, environment, fashion, science, culture and arts. Furthermore, it is the indisputable international connector between Europe and Spanish speaking Latin America

The Madrid Campus, together with its Career Service Department, is eager and committed to making the most of this favourable business environment for its students. To give students the necessary tools for their future job or internship search, around 77 career development and networking events are held, and 176 individual sessions are engaged yearly on the Madrid Campus. 

“At ESCP, we strive to keep pace with the changing demands and trends of the economy, embracing new technologies and innovation to meet the needs of both students and future employers,” told us the representatives of the Career Service Department.

To testify this commitment, they have developed Career Development Sessions covering topics such as self-assessmentpersonal brandingnetworking and elevator pitch, and Career Workshops addressing specific industries or functions such as Investment Banking, Strategy consulting or Marketing. There are also networking and corporate events where students can get an insight into the Spanish Business world. Of course, a significant effort is invested into one to one career orientation sessions.

The Campus, however, is not limited only to guiding students in the choice of their career path but is actively involved in the development of their inclinations and talents through numerous initiatives. The Jean Baptiste Say Institute in Madrid Campus, for example, has a team of staff and professors that coordinate a vast network of professionals, start-ups, incubators and venture capitalists, to provide students with hands-on experience, learning opportunities, mentoring and coaching of their entrepreneurial projects

Another option for students to acquire new skills and test their interests and aptitudes lies in the Societies. Students in Madrid can enter the Real Estate Association, a community of individuals passionate about real estate who are building their future with an eye towards construction, smart cities, and urban development. Or, they can join Lighthouse – Corporate Sustainability, the first sustainability consulting association at ESCP Business School. 
From music and blockchain to the luxury sector and beyond, the extensive plethora of Societies in Madrid allow everyone to develop their talents or discover new ones.

ESCP Madrid Campus Bachelor in Management (BSc)
ESCP Madrid Campus

Living the ESCP experience in Madrid with the Bachelor in Management (BSc)

‘If life were a city, It’d be Madrid‘ is a common saying on the Madrid Campus. And indeed, the city has refreshing energy that fills you up with a subtle awareness that, to achieve a successful life and career, you don’t have to sacrifice sociality and the stimuli of a lively daily life.

Students simply love Madrid, as it is a city with an exceptional lifestyle at a moderate cost of living. Also, at the ESCP Madrid Campus, they appreciate the ease of navigating the premises, the luxury of having a winter garden and an on-site cafeteria, and the warmth of the whole Campus staff. 

Indeed, it is the perfect place to let your creativity flow, get inspired, establish professional contacts and gain relevant experience. Kickstart your future at ESCP Madrid!

Would you like to fully experience Madrid and two other major European cities during your studies at ESCP Business School? Contact us and find out more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc).

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