London. The name alone could be enough to say everything about this city. A name that already contains its history, its myth and countless iconic suggestions.

The city of London undoubtedly lives in our collective imagination as a source of emotions, experiences and endless inspiration. But, while the images in our heads are still somewhat tied to traditional red buses and Royal family anecdotes, London’s ‘today‘ is future-oriented like few other cities in the world.

It is precisely in this highly dynamic and innovative context, chosen by half a million foreign students each year that the ESCP London Campus found its perfect ecosystem.

The City

Where everyone is different, anyone can fit in

London, needless to say, is not just a city: it is a global centre for business and culture and a multicultural giant. With just shy of 11 million inhabitants speaking more than 300 languages, it manages to balance the tradition of the European continent with the multicultural ambition of the new millennium.

The favours it manages to reap, across all generations, probably lie in its ability to offer something valuable to everyone. In 2021, London was crowned the most popular city in the world for students for the 3rd year running. It’s also been named the best city in which to work – and the most loved tourist destination. A myth, that of the British capital, capable of continually rewriting itself, holding its own history by the hand without being slowed down by it.

On closer inspection, such a melting pot of cultures spanning an area of ​​1,572 km² (more extended than New York) might even be intimidating. Yet, according to Klara Crnogorac, a second-year Bachelor in Management (BSc) student at ESCP, what’s really surprising about London is that you never get the awkward feeling of not fitting in, not even for a moment. “There I felt alive and important, an incredible state of mind. Just by walking around the city, I literally sensed the beauty of studying abroad and living in a big city,” she told us.

ESCP students particularly appreciate London’s metropolitan vibes and inclusive diversity. Add to this feeling of ‘manageable grandeur‘ the numerous professional opportunities offered, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect destination for young talents. Whether you are heading towards a career in the financial sector or dreaming of working for a major luxury brand or tech company, London is for sure your best launching pad.

The Campus

The one-on-one experience in the metropolis

The ESCP London Campus is what London is to the world: a vibrant place full of life and opportunities. It opened its doors to students in 2005 after moving from Oxford, where the School had its base for 29 years. Located in West Hampstead in northwest London, the Campus offers students state-of-the-art facilities in a traditional Victorian building, only a tube ride away from the bright city lights and the business community. 

15 lecture rooms, a library, a study room and a computer room add up to a student lounge and courtyard deck, language lab, campus café, and a functional space, the latter of which features a magnificent fireplace and stained glass window.
“In addition, there is also the Trading Room, one of the most unique on our premises,” adds Shirley Lui, Senior Manager, Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions of the Bachelor in Management (BSc). “The workshops held here are an integral part of all programmes hosted at ESCP. Each year, this space allows more than 2,000 students to experience first-hand the dynamics of the financial market. “

But ESCP London Campus goes far beyond offering a welcoming and well-equipped facility. In fact, the Campus has never lost its human-sized dimension, where the daily focus of its staff and faculty revolves around direct contact and communication with students.

“As we are a medium-sized campus, we offer high contact hours with faculty members and tutors, allowing students to have more one-on-one time with the teaching staff,” explains Shirley. “We also place a big emphasis on the students’ voice, such as engaging with student representatives via Agora, the ESCP Student Union. Furthermore, we also brought in additional workshops of general interest such as Mindfulness and resilience, to help students cope with the pandemic, and even a session about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.”

The opportunities

Becoming your best self where all the options lie ahead

It is well known that London is increasingly establishing itself as one of the most important business centres worldwide, across all sectors. As such, the career-building and professional opportunities it offers have few equals globally. This is why the role of the ESCP London Campus exceeds its physical space, largely focusing on expanding and nurturing the skills vital for the future of its students. 

There are various activities organised by the Campus, so numerous that it is impossible not to get involved: student competitions, networking events hosted by top profile ESCP Alumni, entrepreneurship festivals, sports events, workshops and seminars in collaboration with Research Centres and many more. Like the city that hosts it, the ESCP London Campus literally has a valuable experience for everyone.

Another significant asset is the rich offer of Clubs and Societies. Students can earn qualifying competencies through direct experiences and expand their network with high profile connections.  

To mention just a few: ESCP Finance Society is the oldest and largest student-run Association active in the finance field at ESCP Business School, with branches in the five Campuses and an Alumni network of 200+ finance professionals. Students who share a common interest in diplomacy can join Call ON’U ESCP, which received the 2021 Honourable Mention Delegation Award of the National Model United Nations. The ESCP Energy Society promotes cutting edge research and enables its members to create their own projects and further develop them with the support of professionals and academics. The UNICEF ESCP Society – London, awarded the ESCP London Society of 2021, this year focuses on bringing concrete help to Nepal.
Joining a society is indeed a great way to meet people with similar interests, explore your passions and actually make a difference.

Finally, we get to the most delicate phase for every student when all the wealth of knowledge and experience gathered is invested into a good start in the world of work. This is where the Career Services Department comes into play with a series of activities aimed at giving ESCP graduates access to the best opportunities and preparation to successfully face interviews and assessments. To take the first step towards the future with competence and confidence.

Living the ESCP experience in London with the Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Studying in an international metropolis like London is the dream of many; choosing an institution of excellence like ESCP Business School is an investment in one’s future

The Bachelor in Management (BSc) gives this extraordinary possibility along with the choice of two other European campuses over the three-year programme. Therefore, to effectively seize all the opportunities, the London Campus puts in place numerous resources: the Recruitment and Admissions team hosts orientation webinars and events; Health and Wellbeing practitioners onsite offer emotional support; Events and Societies Manager helps to get involved and make new friends. 
Everything is designed to make the arrival in London as smooth as possible. And, not least importantly, there is no language barrier to overcome.

“A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else” goes a famous adage. At ESCP London Campus we can only agree. Come and live this experience with us, we are waiting for you!

Would you like to fully experience London and two other major European cities during your studies at ESCP Business School? Contact us and learn more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc).

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