It is well-known that ESCP Business School is an excellence in the higher education panorama thanks to its academic distinction, numerous hands-on experiences, and prestigious business network. However, a less obvious but equally fundamental element contributes to this outstanding result: our incredibly committed students, who take the responsibility to live their study experience to the fullest.

Undoubtedly, the ESCP Bachelor Society, the association founded in 2020 with the aim to unleash the potential of the 3-years study path at the Bachelor in Management (BSc), is an excellent example of such engaged participation.

How is the Society pursuing its ambitious goals? We posed some questions to André Schellenberg Sandoval, Adrian Campos Mitschke and Alix Lusoli, three BSc students actively involved in the Society.

A Society on a Mission: Making the Bachelor Experience Unforgettable

ESCP Bachelor Society aims to unite, empower, and support all Bachelor in Management (BSc) students by conveying the concept of “by Bachelors, for Bachelors” through the organisation and promotion of several events, projects, and student clubs.

“Our Society acts as an umbrella organisation, enabling Students to create their clubs and Societies within ESCP,” affirms André, President of the Society. “Thanks to the eagerness to work of the team, a strong culture centred around diversity, and a doer attitude, I am very proud of how far we got in such a short time.”

In fact, the Society has definitely taken a leading role in the BSc Community, organising six social events -including the ESCP induction party-, creating a platform where Alumni can address students in the form of Ted talks and interactive interviews, organising a ski event for 60 Bachelor students in Risoul, and creating partnerships with MiM and Specialized Masters Societies, to name just a few.

“Our president’s vision has been clear for everyone since the beginning: make the Bachelor experience unforgettable,” adds Adrien, the Society’s Vice-President. “For that, we assembled a team of experienced, hard-working overachievers who were boiling with ideas, projects, and goodwill. Through several recruitment rounds, we assembled a mix of second and third-year students and, afterwards, also opened to first-year students. A team as diverse as it could be, to tackle situations from all possible angles.”

ESCP Bachelor Society Team

From Classroom to Society Management: Knowledge Put into Practice in Real-time

The opportunity to independently manage a Society, in all its complexity, allows to experience firsthand an actual ‘company’ organisation. It also marks a significant experiential advantage for students, who will thus be able to face the world of work with greater awareness and an expanded set of soft and hard skills.

As in any other regular business, the team of students involved in the ESCP Bachelor Society has been organised into separate departments taking care of specific tasks. Ensuring the smooth activity of such a varied team is a challenging task. Indeed, the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and management learned during the programme have been key enabling factors for a successful organisation.

“I work in the Finance department, where we are charged with tasks such as budgeting and making financial forecasts,” Alix tells us. “Classes in accounting and finance, the Excel course and the mindset I developed while studying at ESCP have helped me massively with my tasks, which I could never have achieved without what I learned during my BSc.”

“Our study path at ESCP has opened up a whole new world of knowledge and thought for us. Besides classes, the numerous internships, lectures, books, and even YouTube videos watched in the past two years have given me the tools to be an effective project manager inside the Society,” adds André.

An Opportunity Sandbox: Testing new Projects for the Benefit of All

The ‘corporate’ organisation of the Society allows it to carry out several primary projects. At the same time, its members are encouraged to freely develop parallel secondary projects as long as they represent a meaningful contribution to the overall Bachelor experience.

“I would describe our Society as a sandbox where students are free to try out projects, tools, and methods learned in class, testing them in the real world without consequences for failure apart from the valuable experience they get from it,” adds André with pride. “This freedom to continuously propose new ideas to the group is certainly one of our winning traits.”

According to our interviewees, cultural diversity is another crucial success factor within the Society.
“The concentration of talented people who contribute their diverse cultural backgrounds is a fundamental driver, both for the programme and our Society,” states Alix.

“It is quite visible already by observing the three of us. I am French, but I have lived most of my life abroad; Adrien was born in Germany, but he pursued an international baccalaureate in France; André was born in Bangkok to a Swiss father and a Mexican mother. And the rest of the team is equally culturally rich.”

ESCP Bachelor Society Team at Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Joining the ESCP Bachelor Society is an excellent opportunity to make your associative ideas a reality and, most importantly, to bond with a pool of incredible young talents.

“By talking with our members, you will discover amazing success stories, share funny experiences and have a stimulating environment to grow as a person and plant a seed for your career,” concludes Adrian. “We value the freedom we give our members to pursue their projects while having a whole team of people to support them in their ambitions. I can only encourage fellow bachelors to try it on their own and genuinely turn their Bachelor at ESCP into an unforgettable adventure.”

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