In September 2015, ESCP Business School welcomed the first class of the Bachelor in Management (BSc): 47 students from 14 different countries accepted the challenge. Today, over 850 students of 75 different nationalities joined the Class of 2025 to be part of this truly European programme.

With its rich history and dynamic evolution, the BSc programme at ESCP is a beacon of academic excellence and international diversity. Let’s delve into the key characteristics that make this programme stand out.

The Architecture of a Programme

An Innovative Curriculum Approach

The roots of the BSc programme can be traced back to the inspiring EAP programme, where a commitment to active learning was etched into its very core. From its inception, the program has championed diverse forms of learning, including engaging in multinational teamwork and honing essential soft skills, all geared towards preparing students for their future international careers.

Over the years, the curriculum has seamlessly adapted to the evolving times. It now goes beyond the essentials of management, delving into the entire spectrum of hard and soft skills vital for young managers to navigate this dynamically challenging era. This encompasses subjects ranging from mathematics, coding, and macroeconomics to the intricacies of human and social sciences, including international relations and psychology.

Moreover, the program’s teaching methodology has evolved to embrace an innovative Blended Learning Model, carefully crafted within ESCP’s framework, offering students the best of both worlds – a harmonious integration of physical and digital learning environments.

Learn networking skills through teamwork

A Journey Across Continents

One of the most remarkable features of the ESCP BSc programme is the opportunity it offers to study in three different countries on ESCP campuses located in Paris, Berlin, London, Turin, and Madrid. This three-year journey enables students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and educational environments.

In the first year, students can choose between Paris, London, and Turin. In the second year, they have the flexibility to study in Madrid, Paris, or Turin. Finally, in the third year, students can opt for any of the five European campuses. This global exposure provides a unique perspective and fosters adaptability, key attributes for future leaders in today’s interconnected world.

Global Education, Multilingual Proficiency

The ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) is a globally-oriented programme mostly taught in English, with some classes in French and Spanish, which also encourages students to build their skills in other languages. Language proficiency is not just an option; it’s an integral part of the programme’s DNA.

The goal is for all students to become autonomous communicators in the languages of the ESCP campuses they will be attending. To achieve this, ESCP offers language courses of Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Chinese, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped for an increasingly interconnected world.

ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) cross-cultural experience

The ‘After’ Graduation

Fostering Ethical and Entrepreneurial Minds

While the ESCP BSc program certainly focuses on international management, it goes far beyond the boundaries of multinational corporations. ESCP actively encourages students to embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering their core values and sources of inspiration.

Passion is the distinguishing factor that separates a mere professional from a true leader. At ESCP, we are unwavering in our commitment to equipping our students with the finest tools to help them discover what truly ignites their spirits. They have the opportunity to kindle their entrepreneurial spirit by launching their startups during their studies or by becoming part of student-managed clubs and societies that span diverse fields such as luxury, fashion, finance, consultancy, and environmental issues.

Furthermore, ESCP places a significant emphasis on conducting business with ethics. Students actively engage in projects aimed at making a meaningful social impact across a variety of contexts, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to creating a better world.

Career Preparedness and Opportunities

At ESCP, the opportunities are boundless, with over 30,000 internships awaiting eager minds every year, adding a robust layer of practical experience to academic education.

Internships are more than mere options; they serve as gateways to real-world applications. In the first year, they are a possibility for our students, while in the second and third years, they evolve into an exciting commitment to hands-on learning.

However, the experiential learning journey doesn’t conclude with internships. Students actively participate in collective projects, immerse themselves in demanding business games, engage in real-world simulations, and collaborate on impactful teamwork assignments throughout the programme. This rigorous preparation ultimately leads to a remarkable 98% placement rate, ushering them into a world brimming with opportunities immediately after completing their BSc.

Preparing for the World, Not Just Business

Once graduates earn their Bachelor’s degree, they often find themselves at a crossroads, with ESCP celebrating the diversity of their dreams. Approximately half of ESCP’s graduates launch into exciting international careers, steadily ascending the hierarchy of operational responsibility. The remaining half opt to continue their educational journey at prestigious universities and colleges, shaping their Master’s degree in various fields. This adaptability underscores the well-rounded foundation that the ESCP BSc programme provides, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for whatever path they choose to pursue.

As graduates testify, the ESCP BSc programme is transformative and invaluable. It nurtures a sense of social responsibility and prepares students to make a significant impact, both professionally and ethically, in a rapidly changing world. It’s not just an education; it’s a life-changing experience that opens doors to a brighter future.

ESCP Bachelor in Management 2021 Class Graduation

Vincent Giraud, a 2023 graduate, summarises the essence of the ESCP BSc programme by saying, “The ESCP Bachelor’s programme is perfect for any student who has just obtained their high school diploma, as it introduces them to all aspects of a company and helps with personal development in a multicultural environment, allowing students to open up to Europe and the world.”

Eloïse Dean, a 2020 graduate, adds, “It’s a transformative education that I am forever grateful for.” Her testimony reflects the enduring impact of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme, where the fusion of knowledge, cross-cultural collaboration, and ethical values prepares students to become future leaders who will shape a more interconnected and socially responsible world.

Do you aspire to play an active role in shaping our world towards a more ethical and sustainable business model? Acquire a top-notch education at ESCP and build a better future as a graduate of our Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme. Click here to download our brochure and gain more information.

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