ESCP Business School is bridging the gap between its top-notch education and the competitive job market through its Career Service. In a recent webinar, the Head of Career Development at ESCP Berlin Campus, Michaela Wieandt, and the Bachelor in Management (BSc) Alumnus, Felix Heumann, share their experiences and insights on the opportunities that come with being part of the ESCP community.

The Strategic Role of a Career Development Service

“A well-structured and innovative Career Development is crucial for students,” Michaela emphasizes, “because it helps them identify their strengths, skills, and interests, as well as connecting them with opportunities that align with their goals.”

Wieandt also highlights the role of the Career Development department in supporting students through the job search process. “Our goal is to assist our graduates in every aspect of their job search, from resume building to interview preparation,” she says. From one-on-one career coaching sessions to workshops, and networking events, ESCP Business School ensures that its students are well-equipped to take the next step in their careers. 

Moreover, the department collaborates with top international employers to provide students with a diverse range of job opportunities, allowing them to explore various careers. These resources and constant guidance not only qualify students with the necessary skills to succeed in their job search but also give them the confidence to take on new and unexplored environments. 

“The career opportunities after completing a bachelor’s degree at ESCP are bright, with graduates going to companies like McKinsey, BCG, Blackstone, and the big four firms. Alumni have also pursued masters programs at top-ranked schools such as St. Gallen and Cambridge University,” adds Felix, who embodies a clear example of a successful career path following the BSc.
“After graduation, I worked as a consultant in strategy and transactions at EY Munich, doing corporate finance and commercial due diligence.” Currently, Felix is pursuing a master’s degree at INSEAD in France.

ESCP Turin Campus Career Fair, Career Development
Career Fairs at ESCP Business School

The Unique Advantages of ESCP and its Career Development

ESCP Business school offers several advantages to students when it comes to career development. Wieandt mentions the school’s global network and diverse Alumni Community as key benefits. “Our students have access to a global network of over 50,000 alumni, which provides them with a wealth of career opportunities and connections,” she says. This network opens doors to a variety of industries, countries and job opportunities, allowing them to gain a truly global perspective in their careers.

Felix is indeed part of this well-connected international community, always ready to introduce new young talents from the BSc to the world of work. “I am starting to receive applications from bachelor students looking for internships, showing that the curriculum is highly effective,” he confirms.
The Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme surely sets itself apart with its mandatory internships at the end of the second and third years and an optional internship opportunity at the end of the first one. This gives students a distinct advantage in the job market, allowing them to accumulate already three valuable work experiences by the time they graduate. According to Felix, this “is an absolute game-changer” when it comes to securing their first job.

Another advantage lies precisely in the School’s global approach to education and its focus on practical, hands-on learning. “We aim to provide students with real-world experience relevant to their future careers,” Michaela explains. Among the various opportunities, students can gain valuable experience through business games, collective projects, and case studies.
These activities are crucial in connection with our Career Development services, since they help students better understand the demands of the industry they hope to enter and give them a clearer picture of what they want to do in the future. Students can also apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-life situations, strengthening their overall understanding of the subject matter and making them more competitive in the job market.

In addition to providing students with advice, practical tools and resources, the Career Development department at ESCP Business School also stimulates them to think critically about their future careers and make informed decisions. Wieandt says, “We encourage our students to take ownership of their career development and to be proactive in their job search. Our goal is to empower them to take control of their careers and help them achieve their full potential.” 

International internships
Business games, collective projects, and case studies provide valuable hands-on experiences.

Exploring New Frontiers in Supporting Students’ Growth

Wieandt is enthusiastic about the future frontiers of Career Development at ESCP. “We are constantly exploring new ways to support our students and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to career development,” she says. Our department is currently working on incorporating technology and innovation into its services. For example, the use of virtual reality and AI to enhance their workshops, career fairs and other events, and thus provide students with an authentic, immersive experience.

However, ‘progression’ at ESCP is not measured only by technological advancement, better tools, or by reaching ever higher career results. “We believe that personal and professional growth go hand in hand. Our aim is to not only help our students succeed in their careers but also to support their personal growth and development,” adds Michaela. 

The school, in fact, cares about creating well-rounded individuals well before shaping successful professionals. That’s why the same commitment is promulgated in identifying and implementing ever more effective personal growth methods and tools.

“Starting from my personal experience, I must say that the Bachelor in Management (BSc), combined with the ESCP Career Development, really gives you an edge in comparison to other newly graduated candidates,” concludes Felix. “Not only does the programme’s annual change of location foster the development of an international network, but it also provides students with a unique perspective as they transition from being inexperienced freshmen to young professionals equipped to understand and actively contribute to the world around them.”
The school’s career services then help you hone your personal branding and connect with the people and realities that are right for you.

And this is precisely the purpose of Career Development: to guide you safely and firmly on your journey from being a recipient of knowledge and ideas to becoming a contributor and generator of your own.

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