Communication skills provide a crucial edge in today’s business world. Find out why a top management college helps students cultivate these all-important skills.


In a 2016 survey conducted by Fast Company, 46 percent of hiring managers reported insufficient communication skills in recent graduates. Communication is among the crucial soft skills that help business graduates convert their high-level qualifications into professional success. In a competitive job market, these skills are increasingly prized by employers hoping to hire the best all-round candidates.

A strong management education will complement business expertise with skills like writing and public speaking, offering graduates tools for long-term professional development. From client calls to high-pressure deadlines, communication is a mainstay for strong business careers.

Are you curious about the emphasis top management schools place on communication? Read on to find out more.

Strong Communicators Help Businesses Build their Image

Talented communicators are often sought to help businesses maintain – or develop – a strong public image. While hiring new employees, managers typically consider how incoming talent might add to the company’s overall standing. These contributions are especially prized among businesses that thrive through client relationships. In these cases, public speaking skills help employees communicate business concepts to an audience that may not have their technical expertise.

A strong management education will cultivate communication skills through carefully structured workshops. Alongside core business learning, these workshops prepare students to implement their knowledge with the utmost clarity and concision. This workshop environment can also develop active listening skills – a priority in public relations and for all future interactions with clients.

Writing and editing abilities are crucial for corresponding with clients

Good Communicators Help Maintain a Healthy Work Culture

A leading management college also builds communication skills to make graduates better team players. In a high-paced workplace, new employees adapt and excel by maintaining constant lines of communication with their co-workers. From quick updates to lengthy meetings, strong communicators find opportunities to share progress, solutions and potential concerns. Written skills are also crucial in this regard, allowing for constant dialogue and progress reports.

These skills help employees develop a reputation for consistency and collaboration – and become valued team members. In view of these important professional qualities, an effective management degree will encourage students to hone crucial skills in a collaborative setting. As business students know, group work is an effective way of developing strong communication habits in a fast-paced environment, simulating the demands of the modern workplace.

A Leading Management Degree Builds Aptitudes for Continued Success

An effective management degree prepares students not only for their first job, but also for long-term professional development. According to LinkedIn research, communication ranks first among ten sought-after ‘soft skills’ – topping a list that also includes organisation, creativity and adaptability. The core of a balanced professional profile, communication skills are typically associated with other professional assets, including problem-solving, critical thinking and high productivity.

Long after the first job interview, communication skills help graduates consolidate their reputations as effective collaborators and business ambassadors. In turn, these reputations attract new opportunities and challenges – the makings of a satisfying career. As business networks continue to expand across the globe, communication skills are likely to become even more important in the coming years. Building these all-important skills in an international environment, an effective management education prepares students for exciting opportunities around the world.

Communication skills help students build strong professional networks in school and beyond

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