With well over 2000 participants, WHU Euromasters is Europe’s biggest Business School sports event. Since 1997, the event has been bringing together students of Europe’s top economic faculties and Business Schools with interesting international companies. As a result, it has quickly become much more than an athletic competition: it offers students the possibility to casually explore career opportunities in a thoroughly relaxed but sporty atmosphere.

WHU Euromasters 2019 ESCP Bachelor in management (BSc)
WHU Euromasters 2019

The sporting challenges in 6 different disciplines have brought out the pride of belonging to a single team

In November 2019, nine students from the Bachelor in Management (BSc) left their campuses for Vallander, in Germany. Ruben, Nike, Moritz, Martin, Lorenzo, Julien, Eléonore, Athens and Angelica have had the unique opportunity to defend the colors of ESCP Business School and try their hand at different sports.

Pride, unity and connection. Those were the main keywords used by all the ESCP participants to describe the event. “I can understand the importance of Euromasters for the incredible bond created between the students of our Bachelor programme, even though we were studying in different cities at the time,” explained Lorenzo. Martin, who defined the experience as a mind opening trip, shares the same view: “Playing the Fifa final with my teammate is a memory I will cherish forever.”

An exchange of experiences between the representatives of the best European Higher Education institutions

“Euromasters is an amazing experience. We used to wake up and go directly to the gym where the different sports were played. The entire day was about getting to know people from other schools and building a stronger bond between us,” shared with us Angelica. “During the event I got to know new universities where I could maybe do my Master’s Degree. Likewise, we got the chance to speak with many students which could possibly decide to continue their path at ESCP.” 

“I was surprised by the commitment of the different business schools. Euromasters is undoubtedly a lot more than just a sporting event. It truly reflects the spirit of the institutions involved. Showing with pride the colours of your school, makes you reflect about your achievements, past and future,” added Julien.

ESCP Bachelor in Management students at WHU Euromasters 2019
Cheerleaders at WHU Euromasters 2019

Encouraging extracurricular activities for the development of fundamental soft skills

Certainly the Bachelor in Management (BSc) follows the spirit of didactic innovation that characterizes ESCP and all its programmes. Encouraging and facilitating the participation of students in extracurricular activities such as Euromasters, can help them develop the soft skills that are so much sought after in the today’s world of work. 

“The organisational preparation was completely new to me so it took some time to figure out how things work. In the very end, every minute we have spent on making this weekend happen was worth it. We had a great time while learning to handle many practical issues on our own,” confirmed Moritz, the Team member who mainly took over the role of organizing the ESCP ‘expedition’.

Finally our students returned home with two excellent second places, gained both in the FIFA and volleyball tournaments. As shown, the union of intent and the sense of commitment to the same team can lead to important results. And sometimes, even make up for a weaker athletic preparation.

Well done, ESCP Team!

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