Guillaume Danloy, from Luxembourg, chose the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) to acquire a solid knowledge of all the activities and processes present in a company.

He developed a passion for finance and business in his family, where he learned above all the value of personal commitment to achieving important goals in life.

The choice of the university in which to begin professional training is an important moment, often full of doubts and uncertainties. How did you get to choose ESCP Business School for your education?

To be honest, my path towards ESCP Business School was very particular, because it was not my first choice. Initially, in fact, I was supposed to attend another university in the UK. At the end of August, when I met my orientation counselor, she told me about ESCP. Then, I did some research with my father and we discovered that it was a great university, very well known in France. 

I immediately thought that it was a great opportunity for me. I have travelled and lived abroad since I was a child, feeling like a citizen of the world. The opportunity to change country every year was the occasion to continue doing what I always did. 

Guillaume Danloy ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc)
Guillaume Danloy
What were the reasons that led you to choose the Bachelor in Management (BSc) with respect to other courses of study? How are you continuing your education right now?

In today’s world, managers need to know what is happening in every single department of the company. Management is the only degree that allows you to acquire that type of knowledge because it touches a little bit of everything. Then, in the future, you can deepen your knowledge with a Master’s degree in whatever field you want. 

I am currently specialising in a Master in Finance (MSc) at UCL in London, in the Canary Wharf Campus.  My MSc in Finance is very tricky, very challenging, very hard. I started at the end of September and even if it is quite demanding, I am very satisfied. The courses I took at ESCP were very good, so I had a perfectly set basis to enter this programme.

The great thing is that now I know everything that forms a company, and this is really something I find great about the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc). I also feel much more international if compared to other students. It is such an ease when you are used to be with so many people from so many different backgrounds.

Guillaume Danloy ESCP Business School
You have always been used to traveling a lot, yet the Bachelor’s in Management (BSc) has led you to an even more intense experience abroad. What were the Campuses that hosted you during the 3 years of the programme?

My first Campus was London, the central financial hub that runs global finance. This experience was educationally and professionally enriching as it was very practical, and the lecturers were recognised professionals.

Then I went to Madrid. It was one of the best experiences in my life, the first time living in Spain. I already knew the country because I went there every year on holiday and I spoke basic Spanish. Then I got to know the city of Madrid, which I would say, is the best Spanish city. And I even could say that from a living perspective, Madrid is the best city in the world in terms of quality of life. I definitely see myself returning there one day. The culture, the people, the food, the spirit, the weather, it’s everything that makes the city such a special place to be. 

For my third year, I moved to Berlin. It was a nice experience, unfortunately, shorter than the other two: I finished in March, and then in April I presented my thesis. Berlin is very different from all the other cities I had experienced. I liked the fact that you could see people liking the city for what their objectives were. I have a few friends that actually stayed there because they are entrepreneurs and Berlin is one of the most popular cities for entrepreneurship. The same applies also for other types of aspirations, Berlin can give you a perfect kickstart on almost anything.

Guillaume Danloy ESCP Berlin Campus
Studying at ESCP Berlin Campus
Where do you see yourself in the near future? In which business sector would you like to spend your skills? Would you recommend the Bachelor to other students who, like you, seek an international career?

Studying at a manager’s level is very tricky because if you want to do finance, you have to go to large companies, where you will build your network. In today’s world and with the interconnectedness of businesses, I see myself pursuing a career in Mergers and Acquisitions. This experience could be beneficial should I engage in Private Equity. However, markets have always been a passion for me which is why I could also pursue a career on a trading floor. After having gained experience, a hedge fund is an option I consider to get to live the market fluctuations as an experienced professional.

I see myself staying in Europe for a while, but if I get an offer to go to New York I would go. The same if I get an offer from Asia. It is more about the job itself and the learning possibilities than about the country or continent. 

The ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) is a good diploma and a good experience for people who want to discover different cultures, meet new people, and also have a global knowledge. It will allow them to reach their own propositions and manager positions in the future.

In more basic terms, I would just say: go for it! You will get a global and international approach, which is the best choice you can make for yourself and your professional life.

Guillaume Danloy
2019 Graduate

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