A hub for economic innovation and education, Berlin is made for business students. Here’s what makes it the ideal city to study in during management school.

Recently ranked the best city in the world for millennials, Berlin is home to a unique blend of academic, social and professional opportunities. The German capital attracts students from around the world, many of whom also stay for exciting postgraduate opportunities in their fields.

The epicentre of a thriving German economy, Berlin is also the city of choice for top international businesses. It is therefore a natural fit for management students, offering them an immersive business education and a host of career-launching opportunities. Adding to these academic and professional qualities, Berlin is a vibrant city with social and cultural attractions to round out any student experience.

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Management Students Get a Complete Learning Experience

With a well-established reputation for higher education, Berlin is an especially good fit for management students. The city is an ideal home for top companies like Bayer and Coca-Cola, which work closely with higher education institutions like ESCP Business School.  With opportunities for collaboration across business and academia, Berlin offers students a uniquely immersive management education.

Berlin-based management students also have a unique perspective on international finance and world trade. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and accounts for approximately 28 percent of the EU’s GDP. Naturally, the capital is a great place to learn about the levers of international finance and economics – a crucial advantage for any management student.

berlin2.jpg Berlin is a thriving business hub.

Social and Cultural Activities Abound for Students in Berlin

A youthful and international city, Berlin is home to social activities for all tastes. The city is known for its world-class nightlife, with bars and clubs that draw top musical talent from around the world. For a quieter time, students can enjoy a coffee in a Kreuzberg cafe, on the banks of the Landwehrkanal, or in any of the city’s many green spaces.

In the downtime of a management programme, students may also choose from a host of galleries and museums – from the Boros Bunker Art Collection to the German Historical museum. The city also bears witness to Germany’s turbulent past, with sites like Checkpoint Charlie, the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and the Holocaust Memorial. These destinations are part of what makes Berlin such a great student city, with countless opportunities for learning and cultural immersion outside class time.

Berlin Helps Students Launch Careers After Management College

Finally, Berlin offers students exciting professional opportunities after management college. With connections to industry-leading businesses, top management schools in Berlin can help students convert their credentials into dream jobs. As a centre for innovation, Berlin is an excellent place for both ‘intra’ and entrepreneurs, with new start-ups launched approximately every 20 seconds! Management graduates also benefit from a strong German economy and a consistent demand for skilled businesspeople from all over the world.

A leading management education also offers students the foundations of a strong professional network, with connections to leading academics, business people and fellow students. These connections are the professional lifeblood of many students, preparing them for sustainable career success.


Student networks can be a great career-launching asset

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