As one of the world’s largest economies, China offers exciting opportunities for growth. Here’s why students in management college should consider Beijing.

ancient Chinese architecture

In recent years, China has emerged on the world stage as an economic powerhouse. As the epicentre of the country’s government and commerce, Beijing has become a top choice for international businesses, making it a perfect location for students looking to expand their careers into a global market, as well as experience firsthand one of the world’s oldest cities.

Students on ESCP Bachelor in Management programme have the option of spending the first year of their degree studying at Tsinghua University in the Chinese capital. Read on to see if Beijing is the right choice for you.

Explore a City with Growing Global Significance

As China’s capital and second-largest city, Beijing is home to an enormous variety of industries, including e-commerce, tourism, and education. It also  hosts 51 Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest density of any city in the world, giving management students plenty of access to businesses looking to build their presence in the global market.

Beijing gives students a unique perspective on the global market

Beijing’s economic promise is not the only factor in making it a global competitor. Due to a significant investment in infrastructure, the city offers plenty of support for vibrant innovation and development for its residents. Mass urbanisation and rising income rates have also led to a stronger consumer class, and exposure to a confident market is beneficial to anyone pursuing a management undergraduate degree.

Challenge and Enhance Your Perspectives

One of the most important elements of studying abroad is interacting with and living within a culture which is entirely different to your own. Beijing has many cultural aspects which may seem difficult to understand from an outside perspective, from a foreign language to a different economic system, to the day-to-day experience of typical errands like public transportation or grocery shopping. Being challenged by a contrasting culture allows students to develop a more enriching worldview, and form a deeper understanding of the ways people can connect with each other and form lasting, meaningful relationships.

With a population of 19 million people and a rich and extensive history, Beijing certainly doesn’t lack in a multitude of attractions, either. From the Beijing Zoo to the Peking opera, considered to be one of the most beautiful forms of cultural expression in China, students will find plenty to do outside the classroom. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Beijing is also home to iconic heritage sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the Summer Palace, the world’s largest imperial garden.

Beijing2.jpg The Summer Palace is one of Beijing’s most breathtaking sites

Capitalise on International Experience for Management College

Outside of management college, students can participate in a unique culture that challenges traditional perspectives and allows for personal and professional growth. With over 1.4 billion native speakers, China is home to the most spoken language in the world, and even simple daily exposure can led to fuller immersion. Developing your knowledge and understanding of Mandarin is a valuable asset in a variety of industries, and offers a head start for those interested in becoming involved in China’s growing international economic presence.

Beijing also offers students a unique insider understanding of a different economic system than their own, providing valuable lessons and helping to establish a useful international network. There are certain rules and etiquette customary to conducting business in China that may not be familiar or understood with a Western perspective, and by choosing to study abroad in Beijing, students can learn and cultivate important lessons that will help future professional development.

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