A cultural hub in Northern Italy, Turin offers a unique student experience. Here’s what you will discover during a management degree in this historic city.


In 1861, Turin was named the first capital of a unified Italy. It is therefore unsurprising that this regal city, located in Italy’s Piedmont region, now offers visitors a unique combination of history and culture. Turin’s architecture and museums are complemented by great natural beauty – a quality it displayed as host of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

With a strong historical reputation among academics and intellectuals, Turin is a great option for students completing a Bachelor of Management with ESCP Business School, who can choose to spend the second year of their degree living and studying in the city. These students have a special opportunity to discover one of Italy’s true treasures – with time for repeat viewings of tourist favourites, and exploration off the beaten path.

Are you curious about discovering Turin during your management degree? Here’s what you have to look forward to.

Turin Combines Cultural Attractions with Natural Splendour

From the Palazzo Madama to the Palazzo Carignano, Turin’s architecture bears witness to its political importance as a former capital, the seat of Italian unification in the nineteenth century. Beyond these architectural wonders, Turin showcases history and culture in over fifty museums and galleries. Highlights include the Egyptian Museum of Piedmont and the Biblioteca Reale, home to some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most recognised works. In more recent history, Turin has been dubbed the birthplace of Italian cinema, and now attracts film buffs from around the world.

Rounding out these cultural and historical attractions, Turin exemplifies the natural beauty of Northern Italy. The city boasts many green spaces and outdoor activities – major assets for long-term visitors and students. After visiting a world-class museum, students can relax by the Po River or take advantage of the sports facilities refurbished for the 2006 Olympics.


The Palazzo Madama is a beautiful example of Turin’s historic architecture.

Turin is an Exciting Social Hub

A good social life is important to complement the hard work of a leading management degree. Day and night, Turin presents a number of social opportunities for all tastes. Favoured among locals, Turin’s historic cafes are ideal for conversations over world-class coffee – or aperitivos, come sundown. These cafes are only part of Turin’s culinary cachet. Also known for its Piemontese and Savoyard delicacies, the city is considered the chocolate capital of Italy.

Students can also expect a vibrant nightlife, with bars, clubs and other popular venues around town. From the standard night out to special events and festivals, Turin’s nightlife enriches the student experience, helping international students build lifelong friendships with classmates and locals alike.

Turin is the Ideal Location for a Management Degree

While Turin is a great environment for all students, it is especially well suited to those pursuing their bachelor degree in management. In addition to its cultural and natural assets, the city is a major business capital, attracting top European companies. Chief among these, Fiat Automobiles was founded in Turin over a century ago, and has since helped the city become an automotive capital.

Turin is also home to industry giants like Rai – Italy’s national broadcasting company– and Lavazza, a leading retail coffee company. Turin’s business community is ideal for students pursuing a management degree, with great opportunities for research, internships and even future employment. While studying in this enriching environment, students have the chance to build strong networks for continued professional success.


Modern Turin is a thriving and vibrant business hub.

Are you hoping to explore Turin while in business management school?


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