A commercial hub with vibrant culture, Madrid is ideal for business students. Here’s why you should study in the Spanish capital during your management degree.

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The epicentre of Spain’s expanding tourism industry, Madrid promises visitors a unique combination of culture and year-round good weather. The city is also a popular destination for students, who benefit from a world-renowned student community. Between classes, students enjoy the social and cultural opportunities of a premiere city – the third-largest European capital after London and Berlin.

Business school students are especially at home in Madrid, Spain’s most important city for commerce. A world trade hub, Madrid affords crucial learning opportunities for aspiring management professionals.

Students in ESCP Bachelor in Management programme have the option to spend the second year of their degree studying in this wonderful city. Read on to find out what you have to look forward to.

1. Madrid Offers a World-Renowned Student Experience

Attracting students from all around the world, the Spanish capital is known as a great city for young people – and university life. Madrid offers its students special prices on top attractions, including a great 90 percent discount at the Teatro Real.

Students also benefit from safe and affordable public transit to reach the city’s many social and cultural hubs. Also noted for being a ‘green city’, Madrid boasts 16 m2 of green space for every inhabitant – a figure that far exceeds the 10 m2 recommended by The World Health Organisation.

2. Madrid’s Business Community is Ideal for a Management Degree

Beyond its general appeal to students, Madrid is the perfect locale for those pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Management. Management students benefit from the city’s status as a major player in international commerce, especially in Europe and Latin America.

Students can immerse themselves in a city favoured by leading players in global enterprise, including Santander, BBVA and Telefónica. Through information sessions, conferences and meetings with national and international businesses, ESCP Business School’s Madrid students are given many opportunities to maximise the city’s unique resources.

3. Art and Culture Abound for Students in Madrid

Accounting for year-round droves of tourists, Madrid offers an enviable collection of cultural attractions – allowing students to explore art, history and architecture between classes. Among these attractions, Spain’s national art gallery the Museo Nacional Del Prado is among the most visited museums in the world, housing art from some of Europe’s most famous masters. Other highlights include the Parque del Buen Retiro, which showcases the splendour of 19th century architecture, and the Plaza Mayor, the city’s most famous square.

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Parque del Buen Retiro is one of Madrid’s famous sights

4. Madrid’s Students Have Excellent Social Opportunities

Socialising is a fundamental part of Madrid’s makeup – and an important part of a complete student experience. Madrid’s famous good weather and abundant outdoor spaces make it ideal for informal meet-ups or relaxing between classes.

Daytime favourites also include cafes and restaurants – a great way to meet local Madrileños. Come sundown, students enjoy Madrid’s famous tapas, as well as a host of world-renowned nightclubs and bars. From an afternoon in the park to a night out at Fabrik, a club known for its capacity of over 4,000, Madrid offers social opportunities for all tastes.

5. The Spanish Capital is Home to Exciting Graduate Opportunities

The benefits of studying in Madrid extend to graduates. After completing a management degree, many students return to the Spanish capital to pursue career opportunities. With a premium on innovation, Madrid attracts foreign investment and fosters new opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people across sectors.

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An estimated 90 percent of Spain’s major businesses choose Madrid for their head offices

A year spent in Madrid can cement business relationships, allowing students to return with key prospects in the sixth-best business city in Europe. Madrid’s unique charm also makes it the ideal place to meet other management students, forging strong professional networks to last a lifetime.

Are you hoping to explore this city during a leading management degree?

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