Our world is becoming increasingly connected. The rise of digitalisation and globalisation means that even the smallest of start-ups need to consider an international audience. As well as this, the modern workforce is likely to represent multiple nationalities with multiple perspectives.

Students and graduates from a business management program at ESCP Business School will be well prepared to succeed in this international environment. The Bachelor of Management (BSc) programme at ESCP gives students the opportunity to live, study and work in three different cities over three years. This means that graduates will have the opportunity to connect with individuals from around the world throughout their studies. 

International Network at ESCP

Those enrolled in a degree programme at ESCP will immediately join a community of more than 6,500 students from around 120 different nations. In addition, graduates will also be part of an alumni network of more than 60,000 professionals based in 150 countries worldwide. 

Read on to discover the importance of an international network, and how it can lead to professional success and personal development.  

An International Network Can Make You a Better Manager 

Being part of a multicultural and multilingual team can help you to become a better manager. At ESCP Business School, students often go on to become entrepreneurs, CEOs, heads of departments, or managers

Students can learn valuable skills when they work with peers from different backgrounds and navigate new cultures and languages as part of the business management program at ESCP. These skills are particularly beneficial in leadership positions. 

For example, a good manager should be empathetic, open-minded, and an excellent communicator. According to one study: ‘when managing and interacting with individuals from other cultures, one has to take into consideration how their culture and the small details that make a difference…’ (Cross Cultural Issues in Human Resources, Business and Public Administration Studies, 2020). The article suggests that this is because these managers are better at communicating effectively with employees. 

Students will gain experience working in multinational teams

As an aspiring leader or manager, you will need to know how to manage a diverse workforce. Students enrolled in the Bachelor in Management (BSc) at ESCP will have numerous opportunities to develop these skills as they live, work, and study in new international environments.

Improve Cross-Cultural Communication with an International Business Degree 

A candidate with an international business degree may have better cross-cultural communication skills. He or she may be more likely to pick up on certain cultural differences and avoid miscommunications. This is thanks to their experiences working and studying in different cultural settings with diverse groups of people. 

A case study taken from The Culture Map (Erin Meyer, 2004) describes a miscommunication between a Frenchwoman and her American boss. The woman was convinced she was excelling, whereas the boss was disappointed in her performance. 

The case study highlights the cultural differences in communication and the problems that can arise. American managers are likely to focus on the positives. In France, however, feedback tends to be more direct.  

International experience can help you to avoid cultural miscommunications

Access More Opportunities Worldwide 

Finally, building an international network will help you to access more opportunities. The connections that you make at ESCP Business School could lead to new and exciting professional developments. Your peers could become your future business partners or be the connecting link to new and exciting professional opportunities. 

Building an international network early on in your career can help you to succeed. Businesses are already investing in cultural training to help employees adapt. For example, employees at Boeing are attending ‘lunch and learn’ cultural talks and also participating in cultural rotation programmes.

Graduates of a multinational and multilingual degree programme, however, will already be one step ahead.   

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